Play-tag is the first smart wearable technology for dogs that acts as an invisible leash, emergency LED and storage device for vital information. Whether you’re running into the corner store or out for a mountain hike, Play-tag offers dog owners peace of mind by keeping a responsible eye on their pup when they themselves cannot.

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  • Is there a monthly service fee or extra costs you aren't telling me about?

Nope! Play-tag does not charge monthly service fees and the app is a free download. There are optional in-app buy-in features, but all of our main features are free to use. 

  • What if I live in a rural area or don't get great cell phone service?

Play-tag does not rely on network service, so it is great for rural areas. The only feature that requires adequate service is accessing information about your dog, which is store on the cloud. 

  • How long does the battery last?

Play-tag runs on 1 to 2 coin cell batteries per year, depending on frequency of LED usage. You can purchase replacement batteries in most drug or convenience stores. 

  • Is the tag waterproof? Durable?

Yes! We've made sure that Play-tags are durable and dog friendly. From water-loving dogs to rough and tumble wrestlers, we're up for the task.

  • How far does the "invisible leash" reach?

You can set a boundary from 0-150 feet -- approximately the size of the Statue of Liberty, minus the base. 

  • Can I use this product in Canada/UK/Europe?

Since Play-tag does not rely on cell phone networks, you can use Play-tag virtually anywhere.